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    We are committed to safety and use the ORCGA best practice techniques for locating, and as a member of the ORCGA we promote all excavation projects under the banner of “Dig Safe”.

    Public Locate Coordination
    We all understand how time consuming calling in public utility locates can be. At Landshark Locates we want to help reduce that stress on you. We will make the call to Ontario One Call for you and then manage collecting all the locates. We would keep in contact with you for any delays in collecting these locates. Once all the locates have been collected we would send a complete package to you. We can also help you to interpret the documentation you have been provided while in combination with our private locates. Public coordination is about saving you time and money while you work to complete and organize your projects.
    Private Utility Locates
    Landshark Locates provides private utility locate services using nondestructive locating methods. Our team of experienced locators have worked with public and private locates for more than 30 years combined. We understand how important utility locating is and we want to make sure you and everyone you work with can dig safely. Private utility locates are becoming more of a requirement than at any time before and we want to assure you we take it very seriously.

    Please remember we are not a public utility locate service.  For all excavation that takes place anywhere on your property from digging a small hole to major excavation you will always have to call Ontario One Call first.

    Subsurface Utility Engineering
    We are able to perform all 4 levels of S.U.E.  This process of engineering locate requires attention to detail in order to coordinate, locate and process all of the accumulated data.  All collected data can be applied in CAD or a GIS compatible map.
    LMX-200 GPR
    This GPR unit is a large push behind unit.  It is capable of scanning to depths of 20 feet.  It can be used to help determine locations of Non-Metallic pipes, Electrical Cables, Storm and Sewer systems, UST’s, Septic system components, Utilities where tracer wire has failed, non-utility structures such as vaults, foundation walls and concrete pads.
    Ground Penetrating Radar
    This is a nondestructive geophysical method that uses radar pulses to image the subsurface.  We are able to detect subsurface object, changes in material properties, voids and cracks in the right conditions.
    Conquest Concrete Scanner
    This GPR unit is used to image object in concrete prior to cutting or coring.  It is able to locate conduits, post tension cables, rebar, wire mesh, and current carrying cables.
    Public Utility Locate Validation
    Do you ever question your public locates? When you get going on a long term project and your paint marks are faded or gone would you like them refreshed? As public locate companies move their expiry dates beyond the 30 day mark this becomes a more likely problem. Public locate companies do not help you with these things. Landshark Locates has skilled staff that have worked in the public locate sector. We can help you to understand your locates. Give us a chance to help review them and give you a better understanding of what you are looking at. Refreshing paint marks does not invalidate your locates. Most locate documentation will tell you it is your responsibility to keep them visible. If you need them repainted to keep your excavation crews happy just give us a call.
    Indoor Locates
    Working indoors is more complex than you may think. Many utilities are buried in the floor slabs in the area you may be working. Due to signal distortion not everything may locate accurately. It is always best to make a two step approach to working indoors and include GPR Concrete Scanning as a back-up. Concrete Scanning is great for avoiding Rebar as well as giving you an accurate scan verifying that no other existing or future utilities may be in your work area.
    Other Services

    Trace Wire Conductivity Testing

    For more information about these services please contact us at Info@LandsharkGroup.ca

    We can locate

    • Trace wires
    • UST’s
    • Water lines
    • Pipeline/Gas
    • Sanitary/Storm
    • Comms (Fiber, Coaxial, Twisted Pair wires)
    • Hydro lines (Primary/Secondary)
    • Empty conduits


    • Conquest Concrete Scanner
    • LMX-200 GPR
    • Rigid SeekTech SR-20
    • Metrotech vLoc3-Pro Transmitter/Receiver
    • Radio Detection 7100PL
    • CST/Berger Magna-Trak MT100 Magnetic Locator